“There are 1 items in your cart.” Wrong!

“There are 1 item(s) in your cart.” Lazy!

This kind of stuff is everywhere, and it’s ugly. Developers, you can do better. And you should, because it’s easy. In most languages, you can just do this:

noun = (quantity == 1) ? 'singular' : 'plural'

If your language doesn’t support the ternary operator, the code is still simple:

if (quantity == 1) {
    noun = "singular"
} else {
    noun = "plural"

These techniques are all you need to display the correct singular or plural version of a noun based on the number that precedes it. So, please, just do it. Don’t wait for a user story or for someone to notice in QA. Just do the right thing. You’re better than this, and you can make a difference.